Nate-Asman-501x750All music is sound. But is/can/should all sound be music? Using this question to frame his work, Nathan M. Asman is a musician, composer, music technologist, and instrument designer. His musical and artistic endeavors reside mainly within the electronic/digital realm, where he specializes in data-driven instrument creation and sound generation. Focusing on the intersection of popular and academic music, he strives to unite the two musical styles utilizing the endless musical and artistic opportunities afforded him by the world of music technology and computer-based music. Nathan hopes to create new and unheard sounds, performances, and instruments from the ground up by employing innovative and alternative instrument and sound designs in composition and performance. His goal is to apply his knowledge and skills to further the field of music technology and produce music that can be appreciated by both the academic and casual listeners. His music has been heard and performed around the United States, including the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, SEAMUS 2015 at Virginia Tech, Future Music Oregon at the University of Oregon, TEDTalks at the University of Oregon, ICMC 2015 at the University of North Texas, and 60X60 in New York City.

Nathan received his M.Mus. in Intermedia Music Technology (2013) from the University of Oregon and his B.A. in Music (with an emphasis in music history) (2008) from Denison University. He is now pursuing his D.M.A. in Data-Driven Instruments at the University of Oregon under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Stolet and Dr. Chester Udell.


You can contact him here: musicmanasman {at] gmail {dot] com

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