Dr. Nathan M. Asman

Musician * Composer * Synthesist * Music Technologist * Instrument Designer * Sound Designer * Educator

Dr. Nathan M. Asman is a musician, composer, synthesist, music technologist, instrument designer, sound designer, digital artist, and educator. His musical and artistic endeavors reside mainly within the electronic & digital realms, where he specializes in data-driven instrument creation, synthesis & sound design, and electroacoustic music composition. Focusing on the intersection of popular and academic music, he strives to unite the two musical styles utilizing the endless musical and artistic opportunities afforded him by the worlds of synthesis, music technology, and computer-based music. Nathan creates new and original music, performances, and instruments from the ground up by employing innovative and alternative instrument, sound, and synthesis designs in his compositions and performances. His goal is to apply his knowledge and skills to further the fields of music technology and digital art by producing music that can be appreciated by both expert and casual listeners. Strengthening the awareness, enjoyment, and importance of music, art, and technology within the academic community is paramount to his work, but cultivating and bolstering those sentiments outside of the academy is absolutely essential, and permeates his work on every level.

Nathan’s works have been seen and heard around the country and abroad, including the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (3-time finalist & semi-finalist), NIME, ICMC, SEAMUS, the VU Symposium, the Sundance Film Festival, TEDTalks, Future Music Oregon, 60×60, (SUB)Urban Projections, the PLATFORM Festival, the Human Nature Festival, and the Kaleidoscope Music Festival.

Nathan is an Assistant Professor of Audio Arts at the State University of New York College at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta) in Oneonta, NY as of fall 2020. He holds a D.M.A. in Data-Driven Instruments and an M.M. in Intermedia Music Technology from the University of Oregon, and a B.A. in Music History from Denison University.

To check out his band & personal music project, Hamilton Beach, and full-length studio album please go here: http://hamiltonbeach.bandcamp.com/
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