Nathan M. Asman

Musician, Composer, Music Technologist, and Instrument Designer

Works, Projects, & Pieces (Past, Present, and Future).


T(Re)es, 2017

√Čtude No.1, for Curve, 2017

Trio 1-465, 2016

SeeThree-DeeToo, in F# Major Mk.I, 2015

Crayonada’s Hat, 2014

The Bridge (Master’s Terminal Project Recital), 2013

Crayonada’s Hat (Live @ SEAMUS 2015)

Untitled Final Project for SensorMusik, 2014

The Beat Mk.II (Live @ Future Music Oregon, 2012)

Hamilton Beach Set (Live @ The Hult Center, Four Corners Concert, 2013)

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